Have you ever seen athletes or sports enthusiasts wearing coloured bands of tape? These evidence a technique called KinesioTaping (or just Taping) which we at OrthoChiro use to accelerate postural readaptation, but also to facilitate muscle and joint healing in patients.

It is proven that long-term abnormal and unbalanced body movement causes damage and stress to ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, nerves and organs. This leads to a higher risk of injury in workers, students, children, sports enthusiasts and athletes.

Bad posture while exercising, be it light or heavy, will inevitably lead to physical injury (tendinitis, bursitis, herniated discs, splints or sprains).

At OrthoChiro, we make use of Taping in order to prevent damage and facilitate natural healing of injuries associated with chronic postural imbalance.

At the onset of chiropractic care, it can sometimes be difficult to reproduce the postural corrections recommended by your doctor during your daily activities. The use of corrective Taping can serve as a useful tool for constantly and comfortably reinforcing these movements.

Taping lends support and stability to muscles and joints. It optimizes pain relief care and Remodeling care without ever restricting normal body movement.

It is safe for all ages and skin types. Not only does it offer needed support, but it also eliminates pain and tension associated with muscle and joint injuries or postural disorders. Because of the way it is crafted, the adhesive tape facilitates blood and lymphatic flow in the skin, which in turn contributes to reducing inflammation.

During your assessment, your chiropractor will determine if Taping constitutes a viable solution for facilitating and accelerating your healing and readaptation.